Urgent information from the Anti-Fascist headquarters!

Опубликовано:  07.03.2014 - 12:09
Классификация:  Антифашистский штаб 

On March 6, RIA Novosti hosted a meeting with the leaders of the anti-fascist resistance if Ukraine. They have got to Moscow by the secret trails…

They told about real events in Ukraine, which are hushed up by the media:

- 8 buses with anti-maidan activists, who were returning from Kiev, were detained and burned in Cherkasy region, several people were captured. After hours of bullying eight people were killed, several them had their eyes gouged out;

- there is no statistics of dead - one cannot call neither investigators, nor police, nor journalists.

- Maidan always has 50-60 american and 20-30 german instructors. There are also a few israeli, but a lot of polish ones.

- Kharkiv, Donetsk, as well as the whole South-East of Ukraine no longer remain to be safe area for Russian and Russian-speaking;

- 70 activists of self-defense forces of Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk disappeared without a trace!

- Pavel Gubarev was arrested straight during the skype conference!

- What happened in Ukraine is a hidden U.S. and EU intervention!

All leaders of the anti-fascist resistance in Ukraine, who have taken part in the meeting, declare solid!

1) These events are pure western script and western execution.

2) Russia must prepare, it will be next.

3) All media lie. It is total information blackout. Help to overcome it.

4) People who can hold a gun must help ukrainians and russians in Ukraine.

5) Please help those who have left already and soon leave Ukraine.

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